Hunter Wand Wi-Fi Module for X2 Outdoor Irrigation Controller

£20.00 £25.00

  • This simple, plug-in device enables Hydrawise online irrigation management capabilities for any X2 controller to provide maximum water savings
  • Provides controller status updates and faulty wiring alerts to signify the need for maintenance before costly landscape damage occurs
  • Standard programming allows for 3 independent programs with 6 start times per program and 24-hour maximum run times
  • Copy and paste Hydrawise scheduling to any X2 controller for full schedule setup in seconds
  • Use your smartphone as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Control4, and HomeSeer
  • Flexible setup options: Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, or WPS push-button connection


WAND is a simple, plug-in device that enables online irrigation management capabilities for any Hunter X2 controller. WAND enables Hydrawise smart irrigation management software, which uses comprehensive local weather forecasts to ensure you only water when needed and provides reports on water use and total water savings. WAND gives you total irrigation control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also grant access and permissions to your irrigation contractor.


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