Hoe Dag | The Ultimate Short-handle Gardening Tool

£21.00 £24.00

  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME – Handle Sits Securely in Fused Handle Bracket.
  • SHARPENED STEEL BLADE – High-Carbon Steel That’s Easy to Resharpen.
  • GREAT FOR ANY GARDENING TASK – Wide Edge and Narrow Edge on Blade for Multi-tasking.
  • THE PERFECT SHORT-HANDLE GARDENING TOOL – Length 15″, blade length 8″, weight 1 lb.


The Hoe Dag is a great short-handle garden tool that was designed in Lewiston, Idaho over 40 years ago. The dual blade design is based on two forest service tools, the Pulaski and the Hoedad. Unlike those forest service tools, the Hoe Dag fits perfect in your hand and is one of the most versatile garden tools you can have. The blade has a wide edge and a narrow edge which allows you to perform about any gardening task you could imagine. The high carbon steel blade is sharpened on both sides and easily penetrates into the soil to remove the toughest weeds. Use the Hoe Dag to cultivate and incorporate compost into soil for amendment. It also works great for making planting furrows for seed or making divots for putting in vegetable transplants. It has a seasoned beech handle and the construction of the tool is to the highest quality standards. The handle sits inside of the handle socket that is fused to the blade itself. This stabilizes the handle to the blade and ensures the handle will not break during use. Overall length: 15”. Blade length: 8”. Weight: 1 lbs.


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