HENSITA Wasp Killer – Yellow Jacket Traps for Outdoors – Durable Wasp Trap – Effective Fly Trap for Wasp, Gnats, and Other Insect – 2 Packs

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  • Remarkable working principle: The gnat trap for outdoors works by attracting insects to fly into the trap. Self-made food or liquid that smells naturally alluring is used to be the bait to lure insects.
  • Special working in the night time: Not only working in daily time but also the wasp killer catches gnats, wasps, and insects in the dark. These yellow jacket traps are equipped with solar-powered cells in each cap of the traps. It saves energy and turns on the blue light automatically in the dark.
  • Safety and eco-friendly: You can make the baits by yourself operate the bee trap outdoor. They can be sugar water, beer, sweet liquid, or meat. They are all self-made and they completely harmless for people and pets.
  • Fascinating design: The fly trap is created as a bottle with a bright color. The wasp killer has a cap that is easy to open, refill, and clean.
  • Customer service: Each purchase includes two packs of wasp killer that double effect to solve the issue. We have a target at providing the best satisfying experience to our customers. If you are unhappy with the wasp trap outdoor, please contact us. A replacement or a full refund is provided if you find any unsatisfied with the fly killer.


With the outstanding feature, this HENSITA reusable fly trap is promised to be the best solution for catching bees, wasp, and insects issue.


1. Unscrew the cap of the fly killer strips and pull out it.

2. Add beer, honey, or sugar water into the fly killers to attract wasps.

3. Hang the yellow jacket traps near the places where have lots of insects.

Tips for uses:

– Please attend to do not overfill the attractant liquid to exceed the water line in the wasp traps outdoor hanging.

– Please turn on the solar-powered light in the reusable fly trap to make sure that it can automatically turn on and work at night.

– Try different baits such as beer, honey, or sugar water made by yourself.

– Put the hornet and wasp killer in different places to attract more insects.


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