Darlac DP44 Compact Shear


  • Heavy Duty Blades
  • Japanese SK5 High Carbon Tool Steel Blade
  • For deadheading & light pruning.
  • Big Snips with Soft Non Slip Grips.
  • Strong Lightweight construction.


Longer, stouter blades than Snips, allows for much stronger growth to be dealt with. Especially useful when clearing growth which is either past its best or has become overgrown. Precision tensioned bypass blades give a clean cut every time. The SK5 carbon tool steel blade is chrome armoured for rust reistance and easily sharpened when necessary using Darlac’s award winning fine grade diamond sharpener. The coutoured handles provide a soft non slip covering for comfort and safety. The easy to use catch may be operated single handed against the body, leaving the other hand free.


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