Big BBQ Potjie South African Cast Iron Cooking Pot Alternative to Dutch Oven, Available in Various Sizes

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  • Potjie, cast-iron casserole pot (with a tripod base and lid) and Dutch Oven alternative.
  • Suitable for low-fat cooking (depending on ingredients and recipe) on charcoal, in open fires or on gas.
  • Multiple use: from exotic one-pots to vegetarian food and delicate meat dishes.
  • Available in three sizes: Potjie # 1 (for 2 to 4 people), Potjie # 2 (for 4 – 6 people) and Potjie # 3 (for 6 – 8 people).
  • Material: Cast iron/Weight: depending on the model between 5 and 9 kg; Volume: depending on model between 3 and 8 litres.


Potjie, the “small” – Large cast iron pot from South Africa.
A “potjie” (translates as mini pot with food) is a round, cast iron, three legged style that is traditionally crafted in South African kitchens for the cooking of stews, casserole dishes and soup.
Cook with the potjies (originally a Dutch Casserole from the 17th Century). and look back on a long past and for a considerable time has been enjoying an increasingly large fan base even outside African latitudes. A circumstance that is certainly connected with the growing popularity of the Dutch Oven, the American variant of the Potjie.
Differences between the Potjie and Dutch oven
While a Dutch oven due to its shape and thickness is more suitable for roasts, frying, large pieces of meat or baking bread, whereas a Potjie (pronounced: Poikie) is suitable for all food that is prepared with more liquid and sauces. Similar to a Wok, the bulging, round inner shape causes the liquid to accumulate at the deepest and hottest point of the pot and does not burn. In addition, the vaporized liquid from the lid drips back into the food so that it can not dry out.
Look at our potjie!
The invitation to a Potjie dinner is a special invitation from the host and is ideal for parties and meetings in the family and friends circle. Depending on the meal (“Poikiekos”), the ingredients are simply placed in the pot in order of cooking time and liquid is added. The potjie then goes with its long legs directly over the fire, in the coals or on the hob. Later spices, herbs and sauces will be added, as well as quick cooking vegetables such as mushrooms or courgettes that are laid on the top. This is where most of the work is done and you have time to dedicate yourself to your friends, family or guests. Special


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