BEZANO Mosquito Killer – Powerful Fly Killer Indoor for Mosquitoes, Bugs, Gnats, and Insects – Blue Light Insect Killer with 12 Sticky Glue Boards

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New technology with a wide application: Mosquito trap works well for lots of closed space such as home, kitchen, office, garages, etc. It has an outstanding function: a nightlight in the bedroom. Especially, this trap is moderately quiet. It brings tranquility to your house and does not bother any activities. You can focus on relaxation and do your work.
Effective working principle: The insect trap lures bugs, mosquitoes, and most of the insects around you thanks to the blue light. The light bulb emits a beam of small light to attract insects to fly into the trap. After flying into the trap, insects are stocked and cannot release.
Durable and safe substance: Since the insect killer is made of high-quality abs plastic, it is harmless to humans and pets such as dogs, cats. Especially, the mosquito killer is friendly with the environment. It works effectively without chemicals or toxic substances. After some amount of time, please twist the trap and throw the dead insect body away.
Easy To Use: To start this indoor bug trap, please press the ON button. It will start immediately. You should put the flies trap in a dark space and turn it on 2-3 hours before using it. The insect trap is the best solution for the kitchen, balcony, and garden.
Customer satisfaction: If you feel unsatisfied with the effect of this indoor mosquito trap, contact us soon. We will give you a full refund. A one-month warranty is offered to you to ensure the excellent quality of our product.


Why should you choose Bezano mosquito killer? The bug trap has a wide application, non-toxic, large effective cover area and safe for humans and animals. The mosquito killer is also made of eco-friendly and durable materials. The fly killer is easy to use and carry. So, it is convenient for home and travel. Tips for using: – This product is an indoor physical mosquito killer. Please kindly be patient to see the effective result. – The trap works better for bugs, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, and other tiny bugs. Notes: – Always keep the bug killer in the dry place and keep it far from children’s reach. Bezano mosquito killer trap is a wise solution for your home and kitchen to help you get rid of mosquito and bug problem.


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