Bayer Animal 724089479235 Spray Fly 3Oz Conc/24Oz Bot

$21.00 $24.00

  • BAIT CONSUMED BY HOUSE FLIES – Easy to apply. Quick acting, long lasting. Contains 2 attractants designed to lure house flies to their death.
  • WHERE TO APPLY – Agricultural livestock facilities like poultry houses, turkey and chicken coups, cattle, sheep and goat barns, dairy barns, dog kennels, and horse stables
  • OUTDOOR – Residual efficacy for up to 2 weeks, unless the bait is fully consumed.
  • ANIMAL FACILITIES + PROTECTED AREAS – Can last up to 6 weeks, unless bait is fully consumed
  • READ directions for full product details and applications


Spray Fly 3Oz Conc/24Oz Bot


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