1 x 20 litre water canister, food-safe.

$21.00 $24.00

  • Stackable.
  • Food-safe.
  • Flavour-neutral.
  • Odourless.


1 x 20 litre plastic canister.

Container with screw lid and seal in the lid. Screw cap diameter: 35 mm. Screw cap SKUB 45261 R04.
The canister is food-safe. – The canister is made of PE (HDPE). The canister is stackable, thick-walled with UN approval = Y approval, meaning the canisters are so stable that they are also suitable for hazardous materials. The canisters are manufactured in such a way that they are food and physiologically harmless. Weight with clasp: approximately 830 g.
Length: approximately 290 mm.
Width: approximately 259 mm.
Height: approximately 386 mm.
Colour of screw cap may vary between red and black.


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